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Festivals in Brazil

Festivals in Brazil

Semana Santa- The Holy Week Celebration

Celebrated on the holy week, Semana Santa is Easter in Brazil. With the world’s largest Catholic population, certainly, it is one of the most important Brazil festivals that also marks the beginning of the autumn season in the country. Semana Santa is celebrated across the country but the most vibrant and colourful celebration is experienced at Ouro Preto. With religious services all around, the week-long Semana Santa is rejoiced by visiting near and dear ones, exchanging greetings, good wishes nests with eggs and chocolates. The streets are decorated with carpet of brightly coloured flowers, sand, and sawdust to create beautiful designs and themes. The children dress up in vibrant dresses and sing religious songs that enhance the festive vibe of the city.

Location: Ouro Preto
Date: April

Parintins Folklore Festival- The Colourful Folk Carnival

This is the yearly festival of the Parintins region and celebrated over 3 days. The main highlight of the festival is the portrayal of the legendary story of resurrected ox through folk music, folk dance, and vibrant street parades. Also known as Festival do Boi Bumba or Bumba Meu Boi, this festival showcases the folk traditions and culture of the Amazonas. The striking feature which makes Parintins Folklore Festival stand out from the rest of the Brazil festivals is the healthy yet intriguing competition of storytelling between two teams Garantido and Caprichoso.

Location: Parintins, Amazonas
Date: June