What better way to spend your day than enjoying good vibes and excellent music? We get that, and this is why we can include different festival options into your trip to Brazil:

Parintins Folklore Festival

Festival do Boi-Bumba also known as Parintins Folklore Festival is held in the Amazonas State, considered as the second biggest festival of the country. The festival takes place for three days at the end of June.

The Folkloric festival of Parintins had its first edition on 1913, and unlike what’s said about "all that’s good, doesn’t last long", we confirm that "all that’s great, lasts forever". More than 7 decades ago, "Bumbas" paraded thru the streets along with sympathizers. A messenger was sent out to the local residences questioning who would like to have an ox dancing in front of their house. Participants would prepare pots of water to satisfy their thirst. At the end an amount was paid for the ox’s tongue. That money was spent on BBQs on the day of the ox’s escape or death. Paratins stopped for the event, as today still does!

Parintins is an island 420km south from Manaus, based on the edge of the wonderful Amazon River. The riverside community has 70.000 people. It is literally located in the rainforest's heart in a completely unexplored place, where civilized Brazilian Indian of pure blood live. It makes you feel like an Amazon native. The time difference is an hour behind official Brasília time.
A gigantic musical theater with 5000 performers and 20 meter characters performing the rituals and legends of the Rain Forest and Indian Tribes. All in perfect harmony, accompanied with 650 people playing vibrating rhythms for the event. This is the amazing Parintins Festival, you must be there to believe it!
Bumbódromo (The convention Center) of Parintins, Amazonino Mendes, was inaugurated ion the 24th of June and opened for the 22nd Folkloric Festival, in 1988. The Bumbódromo has 35 thousand seats, among boxes, special stands and free bleachers.
These free bleachers represent 95% of the seats and they are divided in two parts strictly the same for the Caprichoso’s fans represented by the blue colour, and for the Garantido’s fans represented by the red color. Each side of the bleachers is painted with blue or red color.

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Rock in Rio ( largest Music festival) , every second year in Rio

Rock in Rio is a recurring music festival originating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It later branched into other locations such as Lisbon, Madrid, Las Vegas and Santiago.
Eight incarnations of the festival have been held in Rio de Janeiro, in 1985, 1991, 2001, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019,
Rock in Rio is one of the largest music festivals in the world, with 1.5 million people attending the first event, 700,000 attending the second and fourth, about 1.2 million attending the third, and about 350,000 people attending each of the three Lisbon events.

The first edition of the festival was held from January 11–20, 1985. Queen, George Benson, Rod Stewart, AC/DC, and Yes were the headliners, each occupying top spot for two nights (Benson, however, ceded it to James Taylor for their second night in the same bill, due to the huge delay Taylor's extended performance had caused to his concert two days before). About 1.4 million people attended the 10-day-long festival.

The next edition will be in 2021 in Rio.

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