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Event ideas Brazil

Event ideas Brazil


Brazil is an excellent destination if you are looking for breathtaking events.

Event idea Rio de Janeiro:

Carnival in the streets

By far the oldest and most widely enjoyed form of Carnival revelry is found in the streets - over Carnival weekend hundreds of free parties take place across the whole city. This is the coming together of thousands of people with the fun-loving carioca soul to dance, parade and party through the streets.
Each neighbourhood in Rio has its favorite Bandas (pronounced bun-dush) or Blocos (pronounced blo-cush). These lively parties are centred around an orchestra which marches along a pre-determined route and is followed by hordes of enthusiastic samba dancers dressed in elaborate costumes, bathing suits, plain clothes, and even in drag.
The way a Bloco or Banda works is simple: first people gather at a well-known spot, such as a square or neighbourhood bar, and then after a couple of hours of ‘concentration’ the band starts marching its way down the streets. Whilst the street carnival can be found all over the city, it’s not always easy to know what is happening at what time and where, so we offer guide assistance to make sure our guests don't miss out.